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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Horns album description:

After Harry Potter, Daniel Radcliffe has become very famous and can choose his own roles according to the spirit. This will provide not only a gorgeous picture, but shall bring tranquility to him. Peace of mind that he will no longer be associated only with Harry Potter. Although it seems to us that this image has stuck forever to him, as it really was brilliantly played by him in all the series of this stunning motion picture.
What we see here is mysticism, horror and drama. All the components of a really good thriller. The plot is very unusual – the main character starts having growing true horns on his head and in his presence, people are beginning to speak the truth only. That's what he's using when trying to find out who killed his girlfriend. And this became a question of his honor and his freedom, because people believe that he did it himself.
As for musical selection, here we find rock (Heroes), pop, blues (Lonely Road) and jazz. Almost all the songs are performed with a serious emphasis on folk. Some songs even cannot be called songs – so they are a product of a set of sounds and noises. In general, quite melancholic and sometimes even frightening collection, which is twisted as the plot of the film. All highly recommended to listen Where Is My Mind by Pixies. And not only because of the fabulous band name, but also because the final product was really good.
Marilyn Manson pleased us with normal cover on a very famous song, which is called Personal Jesus. In the rest, the collection is to be listened with rock only, because other songs simply infect you with angst, depression and monotony. If you want to plunge into the world of the protagonist of the film, in order to understand him better – listen to works such as Hommage To John Cage.

January, 24th 2017


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