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Harder They Come Album Cover

“Harder They Come” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2001

“Harder They Come” Track List with Lyrics

This is a movie from 1972, the whole soundtrack of which consists of reggae (the brightest representative is Jimmy Cliff, who is a singer (The Harder They Come – the movie’s main theme) & the main actor).
It is remarkable with huge popularization of the mentioned music genre throughout the world & there are two more issues about it. First – it does not have a trailer. Instead, there are number of separate songs, including frames from film. The second – although it was popular enough in own time, there is no information about box office.
Jimmy Cliff possesses here for about a third part of the entire songs list. Besides him, are a few famous singers in the soundtrack and Johnny Nash is one of them with his I Can See Clearly Now. He has pretty imaginable volume of lungs – he stretches a note for 15 seconds in the 1:40 of this song – listen it and wonder.
What is the best thing in reggae? No matter how hard the life of the black population is, they input only smile and positive sensations in the lyrics of their reggae songs. So we can say that reggae is a genre of happy Afro-Americans, while rap – is a genre of bad mother***ckers. These two are opposite to each other. And we are happy to hear the collection of 25+ songs exclusively in this direction. Even in the lyrics of a little high Draw Your Brakes, there are only relaxation and smiles, as opposed to pretty gloomy plot of the movie, where there are many negative emotions like hatred, pain, fear for life and for suture. You should definitely watch it, if you are eager to see the love and hope against the backdrop of military coups, where even the right to live is questionable by ones who took firearms in their hands.
In 2005, it was a musical after the film. 1 year later, the original shooting was restored using digital technologies to improve quality.

July, 29th 2016

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