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A thriller, in which the main character is a mental maniac and kills anyone who gets in his way. First he receives the confidence of others, lives at their home, and then he turns out to be a nasty jerk, whose subconscious were somehow programmed in a critical time to the killing anyone who might know him.
Grim story and because of it, the same grim support – most of the songs performed in the genre of gothic pop (Clan of Xymox did three songs for the collection, one of which is in the genre of gothic rock, and the remaining two – in the specified one) or gothic rock (by Mike Simonetti).
You may not look for nice melodies here – they quite negatively affect the mental state of the audience. Only positive song here – Because I Love You (The Postman Song), made in the genre of pop and very romantic. But it is an exception to the rule. Everything else is dark, gloomy and otherworldly. Not as depressing, of course, as in Mad Max: Fury Road, but also quite unsympathetic. After all, you do not call the song of the gothic direction as cute? Anything, but not this term.
Masquerade is a composition from which a sepulchral cold emanates. Haunted When the Minutes Drag is not very pleasant, but positive melody overall of the folk rock genre, in contrast to the gloomy nature of all of the collection.
If we evaluate darkness of the entire collection, then on a scale of 0 to 10, it deserves 7. If we evaluate the overall quality on the same scale, we will give 6. If evaluating the work of music producers who picked the music for the film, then, perhaps, 8. And if assessing the mood, on the polar scale of 0 to 10, where 0 is a complete darkness, and 10 is a fantastic joy, the collection should be given 3.

February, 01st 2017


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