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Guardians of the Galaxy Album Cover

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Track List with Lyrics

The official soundtrack consists of 12 tracks, while a full has additional 29 songs (all – instrumental, composed by Tyler Bates) + 2 extra compositions used in the trailers.
Despite the general undisciplined atmosphere of the film and feeling that everything that is shown on the screen, goes straight to scenario, shallow dialogues and obscure motivations of the main characters (in general, it can be considered as a film exclusively for fans of Marvel), a selection of music is quite well.
I'm Not in Love – sad melody playing in the background of the sad event of the boy, which then grows into a rollicking stellar Ranger, albeit not very lucky. Come and Get Your Love by Redbone is a stylish song from American 60's. There are some no-catchy compositions, but Hooked on a Feeling – wherever we meet this song and whoever sung it, but this performance, represented in the collection, remains the best.
In general, we can say that the musical accompaniment matches precisely for those who are fans of American 50–60s. In fact, the whole atmosphere, all notions of good and evil of those years shifted on the screen, turning in the events having the Galaxy as the field of action. Thus, the film tries to capture the new, younger generation, and not to lose the old age range audience of people between 30 and 60 years.
We were very pleased with the presence here of hits of punk rock of the past years, but there is also a great factor of having the opportunity to experience a nostalgic mood, which happens when you're lying, looking at the starry sky – the collection allows you to do it. The Jackson 5 logically closes this collection of "music from the past".

February, 11th 2017


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