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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Good Lie, The album description:

Recently Reese Witherspoon is seen in serious movies that gone really far in its essence from those comedy films that made her famous, such as "Legally Blond". Despite the fact that comedies with her participation continue to be on our screens (like the recent movie with Sofia Vergara, where the whole plot was built on their visual and mental contradictions), but in fact, she is very clever woman. For all her life, she sought for something more serious. Just like participation in movies like this. Which tells about the hard life of three refugees from Sudan, where all the time a civil war goes in which if not millions then, probably, hundreds of thousands of innocent people die.
Apparently, the creators wanted to make a very humane film where two storylines would have the first place:
1) How to survive in a large and a brand new world for three frightened people from a completely different life;
2) The change of essence and worldview of the protagonist.
Such motion pictures, it has to be recognized, regularly win various awards, as critics always like such works exactly – without special effects and with complex human relationships. Which show the overcome the resistance of the world. We also note the presence of maximum interest in such movies. In addition, no one canceled thin and good humor. Here we have plenty of it.
A very suitable music is selected for such a heart-opened film. We note Frenchman Martin Leon for his super-high-quality contribution in the amount of 4 songs. Nelly Furtado noted for her diverse nature, which manifested itself in a charming slow song named Scars. Obiero – most ethnically dissimilar to the rest of the collection of songs. Growing Up is the most beautiful. The collection gives a phenomenal high spirituality!

February, 03rd 2017


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