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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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This film is like another dozen of the same in essence movies where the protagonist(s) live(s) in a perfect world of the future and suddenly discover that everything around is false and artificial. And he and/or she begins to change everything that can. As a minimum, Maze Runner, Equilibrium, Insurgent and its first part, Divergent, Hunger Games – they are small extraction from the big list of the motion pictures that have come out over the past few years. If you dig further into the story, for 30 years, as an example, then films like these will be more than fifty. The mere listing of them would take several pages. The most striking was and remains The Matrix. It is, in turn, was inspired by The Thirteenth Floor. Technologies for screening that time were not so good, but the philosophical context was impressive.
So, returning to the film itself. It is a pretty good science fiction, which focuses on the category of very young audience – teenagers from 8 to maximum 20 y. o. Even the main characters are very rejuvenated in it, comparing to similar films. The further we move through the timeline, the younger the main characters become in these motion pictures. This is a trend.
OneRepublic did several compositions. Very good voice and great lyrics. Aloe Blacc seen in other soundtracks and it says that the artist is gaining popularity. Difference Maker is a very sweet song that refreshes. Silent sung by remarkable and strong voice of American from which emanates with professionalism. Shine My Way is just beautiful.

February, 10th 2017


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