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From Paris With Love Soundtrack CD. From Paris With Love Soundtrack

From Paris With Love lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2010

And Then There Were None

David Buckley 

Another Day

Sarah Riani and Track Invaders 

Are You With Me


Bint El Nass

Djamal Aladin 

Blood On The Stairs

David Buckley 


Dan Morrissey 

C'est Ma Chanson

Terry Day (orig.Petula Clark) 

Can We Go Home?

David Buckley 


David Buckley 

Chinese Dessert

David Buckley 

Direct News

Paul Pritchard 

Eye in the Sky

David Buckley 

Fiesta Sevillana

David Savcic (orig.Potsch Potschka) 

From Paris to China

Augustin O Assignies 

It's Raining Men

David Buckley 

J'Ai Deux Amours

Madeleine Peyroux 

Jump in the Air

Hugo Ripoll and Loic Pontieux 


Laurent Lombard 

Let Me Help You

David Buckley 

Level 2 Mandarin

David Buckley 

Magie D'Aeroports

Michael Boumendil and Stephane Horeczko 

Me and Mrs Jones (Instrumental)

Kenny Gamble, Cary Gilbert and Leon Huff 

Mirror of the Soul

David Buckley 

Moving Slow

Chris Whiteley 

Night City (Instrumental)

Terry Devine-King 

Night Sounds Blues (Instrumental)

Toni Sola and Ignasi Terraza Trio 

Official Business

David Buckley 

Opera Buffa

Bruno Bertoli 

Parisian Sh*thole

David Buckley 

Parking Lot

David Buckley 

Room with a View

David Buckley 


David Buckley 

Spring Roll

Imade Saputra 

Symphonie No 94, Finale (Instrumental)

Franz Joseph Haydn 

The Ring

David Buckley 

The Scenic Route

David Buckley 

They Long to Be / Close to You

Matt Monro (orig. The Carpenters) 

Trigger Unhappy

David Buckley 

Turkish Nights

Karl Lundeberg (orig. Ottmar Liebert) 

Wax's Waltz

David Buckley 

Welcome to Paris, Baby

David Buckley