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Forrest Gump Soundtrack CD. Forrest Gump Soundtrack

Forrest Gump lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2001

July, 13th 2016

Forrest Gump album description:

There are movies, describing which you don’t know what else to add to tell anything new to the audience that already know every possible aspect about this film. Yes, it was the starter of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co in reality. Yes, it interestingly reveals the history of creation of a smiley face – :) – as we know it now. Yes, it is very sentimental and tear-squeezing. And also it, with the initial budget of USD 55 million, has collected USD 678 millions. And yes, Forrest Gump should be acted by other guy. Also one more yes – expression ‘Run, Forrest, Run’ gave birth to many gags, jokes, popular sayings and even one movie – ‘Run, Lola, Run’.
Leaving the film itself aside, whose essence is very well-known to millions of people, we say that Viacom, which is the owner of the entire Paramount Pictures, opened as of today 40 restaurants of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. When visiting other countries, besides the country of origin, USA, ones like the UK, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Japan – be sure to visit these restaurants. They have remarkable kitchen!
As for soundtrack – it has collected gems of singers of its time – Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, The Doors, and Simon & Garfunkel among their list. Have you heard its ‘San Francisco’ by Scott McKenzie? Sure you did! It was fantastically covered by Global Deejays several decades ago, leaving unharmed its lyrics. The same story is with ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ – very famous song by Lynrd Skynrd. What about ‘Blowin' in the Wind’ with tremendous lyrics? Those names are of the golden era that trigger you to review this movie again. The entire soundtrack provokes huge nostalgia for long-gone days. Days that won’t return, unfortunately. Only this movie and ones like ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ wake the delightful feeling of happiness.

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