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Final Destination, The Soundtrack CD. Final Destination, The Soundtrack

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Final Destination, The lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2009

Burning Bridges


Car Washicide (Instrumental)


Corona And Lime


Death Of A Cowboy (Instrumental)




Don't You Know

Ali Dee And The Deekompressors 

Dream Of Me



Dara Schindler 

Flame On (Instrumental)


Gearhead (Instrumental)


George Is Next (Instrumental)


How The Day Sounds

Greg Laswell 

Make You Crazy

Brett Dennen 

Memorial (Instrumental)


Moment Of Joy (Instrumental)


Nailed (Instrumental)


Newspaper Clues (Instrumental)


Nick's Google Theory (Instrumental)


Premonition (Instrumental)


Questioning (Instrumental)


Raceway Trespass (Instrumental)


Revelations (Instrumental)


Signs And Signals (Instrumental)


Stay Away From Water (Instrumental)


Sushi For Everyone (Instrumental)


Sweet Music

Garrison Hawk 

The Final Destination (Instrumental)


The Final Destination Suite (Instrumental)


The Movie Theater (Instrumental)


The Raceway (Instrumental)


The Salon (Instrumental)


The Stoop

Little Jackie 

Why Can't We Be Friends


You Can't Dodge Fate (Instrumental)