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Fifty Shades of Black Album Cover

“Fifty Shades of Black” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

“Fifty Shades of Black” Track List with Lyrics

Marlon Wayans has a very youthful appearance & we can even suspect that he is a kind of reincarnation of Benjamin Button – because he is now 43 years old, but he looks the same as he did 20 years ago, when played in his first hit motion picture, Don't Be a Menace to South Central… (i.e., Marlon was then 23). Three years later, in an exciting youth comedy Senseless, which for some reasons was not much appreciated, not allowing it to pay off, he looked again as young as he is now. Either he knows the secret of immortality, or he simply possess truly excellent beautician & dietician, and we want to have the same ones.
In this film, he is back to his main role of a little idiot, as it was in the mega-hit Scary Movie, which with budget of 19 million brought its creators 278, and to actors of main roles – a broad international fame (Marlon Wayans and Anna Faris) – successful franchise with often mooncalf lyrics, which made net profit of 700 million. This film with a budget of USD 5 million, has already paid for itself twice – in just 2 weeks of rentals. Martin Van Lectro and Chief waKil define the main areas of dance in the soundtrack to present motion picture. Unraveled and Alive – two melodies, which are on opposite poles. The first – sensual and tender, the second – rhythmic & dance, allowing to diversify the collection by style, genre & quality. Probably the most unusual melody in this collection is Under Your Spell, falling in several genres – R’n’B, rap & dance, filled with night energy & is consistent with the spirit of this music collection. Despite the film's parody style, the soundtrack made boldly & seriously. Even pop melodies seem organic, resting close to disco compositions. Even instrumental End Credit Suite not causes internal resistance, listening to the rest of the song with lyrics.

October, 29th 2016


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