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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Ex Machina is an unexpected outcome, which is affected by something, coming from the outside. In the case of Artificial Intelligence, as in this film, the makers obviously hinting at the ability of the true Artificial Intelligence to study, by human standards, infinitely fast, so humans simply wouldn’t sneak in own brains to predict unexpected denouement of events. Though this technique is often used as hiding the shortcomings of the plot, in the case of this film, it seems, there will be really Ex Machina.
Almost all people in the world underestimate the negative value of Artificial Intelligence and this is not good, because beginning from the creation of such a thing before its transition to an infinitely distant from humans’ stage of evolution, Artificial Intelligence will be separated only with a few hours or even minutes. Will the motivation of such a super-mind be favorable to the preservation or annihilation of the human race? The filmmakers slightly touched this question and endowing the main character with traits of human female with attractive shapes for empathy.
Almost all the music – again, instrumental – was made by composers Ben Salisbury & Geoff Barrow. And they are full of gloomy uncertainty in the outcome of this evolutionary struggle. Others, like Schubert Piano Sonata No. 21, underscore the futility of human endeavor. Written in 1903, this composition is often used to impart greater strength to what’s happening on the screen, shading both the light side and the dark side – it is quite versatile itself. Do not expect this collection to be something unremarkable, not worthy of attention. Here half of music is gloomy instrumental, and the second is only the quality classics. For example, the most observant listeners would already know the Unaccompanied Cello Suite # 1 In G Major Bwv 1007 was written by J. S. Bach, because they have heard it in the frequently mentioned in other reviews here If I Stay movie, where it was often played for us from the screen. In this respect, out of the crowd stands Husbands rock song.

December, 16th 2016


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