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Equalizer, The Album Cover

“Equalizer, The” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

“Equalizer, The” Track List with Lyrics

Equalizer, The album description:

In this thriller, such great actors acted as Denzel Washington and Chloë Grace Moretz. They created a perfect tandem, though not so much communicating during the storyline. Denzel created a complete image of a fighter for justice with own methods, which are quite hard sometimes, especially when he deals with bad guys. It all begins with a seemingly casual meeting with a domestic robber, which starts a chain of violence. One after another – and now one person resists the whole clan of the Russian mafia, which is firmly rooted in the area and do their dirty business.
But this is not just some ordinary mindless action movie. In fact, the hero of Denzel administers justice through the humane feelings – worries for the fate of a very good girl who has become a hostage of this brutal mafia. And it justifies his actions fully, because the world is getting lesser of scums. Nobody has the right to engage in the slave trade in any of its manifestations.
The musical selection of compositions we meet several genres – rock, funk, pop and others. Pop is represented here with such as Givin' Em What They Love, performed by Prince. Rock – by Friendship Train. Rap by 2 Kaiser. From the stars, you’ll meet in collection Eminem and others such as Sia or Moby.
Most of the songs are dynamic. Still there are others that drive you in a trance or dream state. Their use depends on the specific moments of the film, of course. Therefore, characterization by two or three words the general mood of the collection will fail. It is a blend of genres and subcultures that are assembled here almost all over the world. At least from two continents for sure – America and Eurasia.

February, 01st 2017


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