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Easy Rider Soundtrack CD. Easy Rider Soundtrack

Easy Rider lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2004

August, 01st 2016

Easy Rider album description:

In the most freedom-possessive and most freedom-obsessive country, the USA, people in 1969 were afraid to have a true freedom. That was according to Jack Nicholson – when he was young and his name was spelled in small letters next to Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. These two were, in addition to performing acting jobs here, a producer and director accordingly. Now he is much bigger star than these two ever were combined.
So, what this movie is good about? First of all, with extremely, unbelievably small budget of USD 0.36 million dollars (as of today, even some minor Asia-based countries have more budgets for local movies), it managed to gross USD 60 million. That is why it has legacy & why Jack Nicholson upraised career & that is why it has found its special niche in the hearts of people.
So what is it about? Several guys drive around the US on bikes in a time, when bikers were not formed yet as a strong physical force. In those times, if you were a biker, you’d faster receive a bullet from some farmer’s gun than a piece of hatred and fear, as they receive today.
The soundtrack is remarkable with many famous performers, like The Who, Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix (who was called then Jimi Hendrix Experience). The most well known song from here is Born To Be Wild, by Steppenwolf, which has so many cover-versions that it is hard to say, who did the best among them. Even the version by Miss Piggy from Muppets Show with Ozzy Osbourne exists.
There are many songs that represent something in this movie or underline it. For example, If You Want To Be A Bird underlines with its essence and lyrics the free spirit of main characters. San Franciscan Nights is the embodiment of Flowers Children – in time when action occurs – and what they are. When ‘I Can See For Miles’ lyrics is for everyone free-spirited.

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