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Earth to Echo Soundtrack CD. Earth to Echo Soundtrack

Earth to Echo lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

February, 11th 2017

Earth to Echo album description:

Children's film that trifles on stories of two films – Batteries Not Included and E.T. It is designated not for all, but for teen category. It has many of such that made it similar to films by Disney Studio and this is not a surprise – Disney eventually sold the rights on it during the filmmaking process to another studio. From point of view of finance, movie shown moderation – having USD 13 M expenditures for shooting, it gained USD 45.3 million as the box office.
The soundtrack includes entirely rock songs (e.g., Your Friend or Dangerous). This is perhaps the most important difference from the already mentioned film studio. As a result, it may have worked to its advantage in terms of the lack of sweetness in the plot. And there are no pop songs as Disney loves. On the other hand, Disney knows how to make fantastic entertainment with movies’ cast of all types – beginning from mega-stars of the screen to completely obscure novice actors. Therefore, from this side, the film may have lost. On the third hand, the absence of any big-name actors allowed the film three times be paid-off and to bring considerable profit, speaking in absolute terms.
Whatever it was, producers approached carefully and thoroughly to the creation of music here. Very high-qualitative songs (such as 21 Flights) allowed bringing this soundtrack on the top of its kind. Manchester Orchestra or Gospel Claws are almost no-famous names, but maybe the film will start their careers. And someone of them may receive financial help for such a leap.
No matter what, quality of music is indisputable. The presence of only one genre – rock – in music accompaniment gives reason to star this collection by fans of direction. Anyone can enjoy the high quality of this piece.


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