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Don Verdean Soundtrack CD. Don Verdean Soundtrack

Don Verdean lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

June, 07th 2016

Don Verdean album description:

Will Forte, who pretty noticeably famed on idiot TV series The Last Man On Earth, where he play a half-mad narcissistic dumbhead with brains of infusorium, plays here one of main roles – the same moronic priest who cannot inflame with own speeches even his congregation, which is opened to God with all heart. Sam Rockwell plays a trickster-archaeologist who discovers fake Goliath's skull. In the process of getting it, he suddenly (such as unexpected song Ezeh Gever) not lucky enough banned with his excavations by the federal government and now he had no choice but to fraud.
Where did he get inhumanly large skull – is a separate issue. But now he more and more twisted in a lie, because it is a hole, from which it is not so easy to get out. A joke “Like a Lucifer just farted inside my brain” is precious! It is unusual, and some – no doubt – will even choke of it. This is unexpected, as the heavy rock Crazy Life in performance of Heavy Young Heathens, which, as it seems, wrote most of the songs in this collection. This is a very versatile band that works equally well in a wide range of genres – gospel, rock, country, metal, pop, rockabilly.
Such good comedies we haven’t seen for a long time, which moved very far away from the familiar to the general public regulations – beautiful girl meets a man, they approach each other, though initially one of them or both were disgusted, then they quarrel, and at the very end, reconciled again and sugar happy ending is provided to spectators. Here everything is so contrary, that it should be just watched. And listened, to be surprised that one band performs most of the music, very different music.
Body Rhythm is a lightweight audio and Leslie Bibb is definitely amazingly similar to a woman-soloist from Roxette.

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