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Danny Collins Album Cover

“Danny Collins” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Danny Collins” Track List with Lyrics

Brilliant old buddy, Al Pacino, still pleases us with his acting. This time his talent was laid bare in the film named Danny Collins, who is more like a requiem for a dream than a new revelation. The film is very musical, as Al Pacino plays the musician, who has not written anything new for 30 years, but recently has decided to fix this. There is sparkling light humor (only this joke costs a lot: "Are you on drugs? — Currently or in general? — Currently. — No") and the additional cast is excellent too (Annette Bening and Jennifer Garner).
But of course, this, in first, is a bright comet to lovers of John Lennon , because – surprise, surprise, – almost all of musical tracks are made by him. There is a bright Hold On and sentimental Love. Only two songs are sung not by him – among them The Rip Tide – a little bit sad, but sublime composition, the main theme of which was performed on the piano. Very similar in style and performance, and even the voice of the singer on Lennon himself.
Those who are not familiar with the work of the legendary John, should, at least, listen to this collection, for general guidance. Somewhere old and maybe rough, but excellent in sounding Instant Karma can captivate new listeners with its nice charisma. Yes, maybe his clips quite different from the modern clips and there is a lack of nudity there, and a singer in the clip shown more often than girls dancing around him (and sometimes they did not exist at all), but it is a classic. Imperishable, and in many ways immortal, since the work of such figures as John Lennon grew few passed generation of singers, who now teach the young generation.

December, 15th 2016


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