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Dance Camp Soundtrack CD. Dance Camp Soundtrack

Dance Camp lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2016

October, 29th 2016

Dance Camp album description:

Dance Camp is one of those first films, which produced by the company that owns the YouTube service & they will be available for viewing for registered (paid) users of YouTube Red. In the center of the plot – a company of adolescents of 10 – 15 years old, who had gathered in a certain place where young people come every year, if they have a passion for dance. Make That Body Work & Time Bomb by Electric Valentine – vivid examples of highly expressive melodies that are suitable for not only dance collaborations, but for the night rave parties. They even organize competitions among themselves – to work out the team spirit, to unite & to throw the energy away. Time from time, there will be gender-specific jokes with ambiguous interpretations & a tiny storyline about love – without it any nowadays film cannot be (do you remember how even 50 years ago movies were in this parameter much more variable?). But on the foreground, it is the musical component & ostentatious rivalry within the team & between the teams, intrusively prompting the beholder to choose some of the teams to support.
Troublemaker is the hallmark of this film & is often used in its story. Song, performed by Jordyn Jones, is for completely frivolous & arrogant persons – usually it takes place around the age of 15, but Iggy Azalea, in whose style this composition with airy lyrics was made, has not yet been passed it, although she is already 25.
Newbie coming to camp quickly joins the team & then goes to team’s victory in their local competition. What is characteristic for this film – there is no beautiful actors – they all are on 5 or 6 on a 10-points scale. They simply don’t look disgusting. Well, we wish YouTube channel further progress in such movies, with better plots, much supreme-developed lyrics of both – their books & songs.


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