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Creed Album Cover

“Creed” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Creed” Track List with Lyrics

Creed album description:

Sylvester Stallone, being tired of his tough guys, decided to do something different. Well, not exactly different – it is rather back to the old topic about boxers. Only this time he wasn’t playing this boxer himself but showing as experienced elder who leads to the victory the young shoot who dwells somewhere in the backyard of nowhere.
His The Expendables have not touched stars in the sky, but were enough to earn him on bread and milk. With a budget of each of around USD 100 million, (much of which was spent on fees for certain starry participants), they received approximately USD 250 M of cash boxes each, which gave a profit of about 150 M. And this means that about 80 eventually had left as net income after deductions for marketing, taxes, royalties, and other charges of pay outs. He could well receive up to 75% of these amounts, which allows a comfortable life on some paradise island for any average person. But that's Sly – he cannot sit around and this time created something not too expensive (of USD 35 million, which he could pull out of his own pocket if loved risk as well as when put everything on one card with his Rocky).
Most songs here of R and B genre, combined with rap – The Fire, In The Kitchen. Interesting combination of rap and blues we witness in Bridging The Gap. White Dave and Joey Bada$ – here are the names we meet in this collection.
It is unclear whether his idea will be recoverable (the movie will be released only today, November 25th), but he is almost always commercially successful and he – we have to admit it – turns cash-worthy producer, director and actor. At least it is good for him – by combining these roles, he doesn’t lose.
Image of Rocky can be exploited further – we are proven with this film, the seventh about Rocky (and there is even a musical on Broadway).

November, 07th 2016


Creed: Official Movie Site, IMDb, Wikipedia

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