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Clerks Soundtrack CD. Clerks Soundtrack

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Clerks lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1994


Love Among Freaks 

Big Problems

Corrosion of Conformity 

Bunch of Muppets


Can't Even Tell

Soul Asylum 




Love Among Freaks 

Dante's Lament


Go Your Own Way


Got Me Wrong

Alice in Chains 

I Like to Expand My Horizons


Jay's Chant


Kill the Sexplayer

Girls Against Boys 

Leaders and Followers

Bad Religion 

Making Me Sick

Bash & Pop 

No Time for Love, Dr. Jones


Panic in Cicero

The Jesus Lizard 

Randal & Dante on Sex


Shooting Star

Golden Smog 

Social Event of the Season


Violent Mood Swings [Thread Mix]

Stabbing Westward