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Charlotte's Web Soundtrack CD. Charlotte's Web Soundtrack

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Charlotte's Web lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2006

Beautiful World

Leign Nash 

Circle of Friends

Point of Grace 

Everything You Ever Wanted

Hawk Nelson 

Farewell Charlotte



Natalie Grant 

Humble (Instrumental)


I Will Be Your Friend

Amy Grant 

I Wonder

Billy Ray Cyrus 

In the Mud (Instrumental)


Introducing Charlotte (Instrumental)


Long Way Home

Ginny Owens 


Dakota Fanning 

Main Title (Instrumental)


Make A Wish

Bob Carlisle & Lucy Kane 

Never Alone


Now That You've Come Into My Life

Mark Schultz 

Ordinary Miracle

Sarah McLachlan 



Radiant (Instrumental)


Some Pig (Instrumental)


Tempelton (Instrumental)




The Big Day (Instrumental)


The Dump (Instrumental)


The Fall

The Send 

The Fall Montage (Instrumental)


The Introduction (Instrumental)


The Plan Begins (Instrumental)


The Word Spreads (Instrumental)


There Is A Fountain


Wilbur's Homecoming