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Chappie Soundtrack CD. Chappie Soundtrack

Chappie lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 23rd 2016

Chappie album description:

Chappie is the name of the robot, endowed with the world's first artificial intelligence of primitive level, so it takes long enough to develop beginning from a child, going through all the stages and absorbing the whole environment. Tabula rasa, from which you can create the genius artist or a ruthless killer. Very humane, challenging, beautiful, but hard film with such stars like Dev Patel and Hugh Jackman and Sigourney Weaver in episodes. It again drew attention to the problem of Artificial Intelligence, and what threats it carries. But mostly, it teaches us that the people are the worst yet creations on our fragile blue planet – the ruthless and corrupt creatures.
Once there is a beautiful selection of instrumental melodies that accompany the film, you can be sure of exceptional quality of the film itself, as instrumental compositions, already, at a good tradition, accompany only the highest-quality video products.
Ever After Midnight and Heart of the Rebellion are bright representatives of collection of 16 main and 13 additional acidic and instrumental compositions, emphasizing the superior stylistic lines of the film – humanity and punk/acid. Bright costumes, makeup and unusual punk-rave by the mostly plentiful submission in the collection – Die Antwoord musical group, soloist of which is one of the main actresses in the film – Yolandi Visser with her second best man – Ninja, written almost everything among of not instrumental music for the film (the brightest song – Enter The Ninja ). Another punk band ТУТНАЗВАНИЕПЕСНИ, which in contrast to the group Die Antwoord, trying themselves in different directions of punk, writes purely rave acid punk, are presented in the collection with only one composition.
Despite the fact that the film is stated in the Action, Sci-Fi and Thriller genres, you'll find there much more at the expense of infinite empathy to the main action hero – robot Chappie. In general, it seems that the problem of Artificial Intelligence, is being discussed on the screens actively, is generally prepares the earth's population to the fact that AI has been invented already and humanity simply has to go through this as painlessly as possible.
Reference: "Chappie" on IMDb, Wikipedia

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