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The best soundtrack songs by Saleka Shyamalan

Saleka Shyamalan reveals the deep truth of the lyrics and a unique mix of music genres. Her contribution to music and films has brought about an unmatched versatility and dedication to her work, which has propelled her to the great limelight present today.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Saleka Shyamalan was born 1996-08-01 in a family that was thick with creativity. Growing up amidst film and music since childhood, a keen ear for storytelling through sound was impelled into her every step of musical creation and became the hallmark of her style. Her dad, filmmaker M. Night Shyamalan, must have influenced her creatively, for he presented her a world in which sound and visuals perfectly go hand in hand.

Saleka's formal music education began with classical training in piano, which later translated to her complex musical composition style. As she grew older, her interests would grow to include vocal performance, leading the songwriter to Brown University, where she would further hone her Literary Arts and Music skills and shape her career in songwriting.

During these impressionable years, she started fusing elements of traditional Indian music, imbibed from her heritage, with the Western genres of music and thus formed a unique sound that has been appealing to the universal audience today.
Her first single "Clarity" released in autumn 2020. Later, in 2021 Saleka released the song "The Sky Cries" for the "Servant" TV series.

Song "Remain" from the movie "Old"

In M. Night's psychological thriller "Old," Saleka's hauntingly beautiful number "Remain" turns into a sort of anthem for the movie, symbolizing its existentialist dread and the poignant beauty of passing time.

"Remain" not only heightens the moody tension of the film but could be an important benchmark in Saleka's career, marking her as a serious artist who can truly relay deep emotional stories through her music.

Lady Raven's role and the song "Release" from the "Trap"

Lady Raven becomes the persona for "Release," her song from the psychological thriller "Trap," emphatic to an involved, complex story with many intense emotional undercurrents. In "Release," she voices themes of freedom and entrapping with a voice resounding in the chilling darkness of the film.

This role revealed her flexibility in the field of music, as well as actress, taking the character in both her presentation and her musical output.

Artistic style and influences

An array of influences spans Saleka Shyamalan's music, from classical Indian to modern R&B and soul. Her style has been described as deeply resonant with feeling, complex in form and melody, and lyrically intricate. She quotes Alicia Keys, and Aretha Franklin, but her music also bears the stamp of her cultural heritage in using scales and rhythms typical of Indian classical music. This mixture of East and West in her music has been responsible for her coming up with a blend of music.