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We wish the guys some luck: creative tandem starring may indeed be the best investment of manpower and resources img 0

Ice and Flame: Secrets of new comedies

What happens when a jealous brother is to be introduced to the boyfriend of his sister? If they won't like each other, the future wedding can be ruined! Most likely, they quarrel and the story will end, but apparently, not when it comes to comedy with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart! The two will find a way not only to diversify the subject of the picture but also really to have plenty of fun, even if the communication will be the third time on the big screen. The next Ride Along is being prepared by the legendary studio, and in the meantime, we already pack suitcases!

Hasty fees

The first part of the film was released in 2014 and since then, they managed to release a sequel, but for the creators, it seemed not enough, so now we will have the third part of the film that has become popular. Recall that in the first part of the movie two guys went to patrol the streets of the city, to protect it from criminals and at the same time, to prove that they can interact together. As for the response to this film, critics almost unanimously stated that this film is one of the best in its genre of the last years, although the second part deliberately turned worse. Well, what to expect from the third part is not known, but few writers already pleased us: the guys from the famous duo have already agreed to participate in the shooting, and the authors of the script are determined because they already have a huge amount of brand new jokes in stock! The authors claim that the duo is one of the oddest and simultaneously wildest appearances on the big stage in the movie.

The right replacement

In fact, the third part of the film has already been announced, not only, but also in some sense removed, only the role of one of the companions was played by Rock Dwayne Jones, who turned out to be slightly worse than his predecessor. Nevertheless, all the negative reviews, which are at the moment exactly one-half of the total number, the sponsors react neutrally. They believe that the film will turn out great, it is in the spirit of the first part, over which we have amicably torn our bellies with laughter. Now work on the film is in the process of creating the scenario, they have not started to shoot yet, but we already know that the soundtrack’s creation will attend one of the main actors, Ice Cube. The film stars can take part of the previous parts, and other franchises, including from The Hangover and other films. The main fear is the fear of the fans that the movie will turn out bland and even unfunnier than the second part turned out.