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The director has already done several interviews in which he talks detailed and very excitedly about his new future brainchild img 0

From superheroes to world politics

Creator of Avengers Joss Whedon is ready to proceed to the next project, and it is not the same: the plans of the filmmaker amaze with their scale. It seems that Joss decided to cover simply all the topics: he has worked on movies about superheroes, and now shifted to something much more responsible. In a short time, it is possible we shall wait for the major project devoted to the Second World War. An interesting fact is that Whedon came up to collect information for his script very thoroughly, namely, he began to travel to Germany to Poland.

Historical parallels

Whedon was very interested in themes of historical parallels and various references to American history. The director speaks about his project, how it would not seem strange or humorous, despite the fact that he was very passionately concerned to a new idea. The key word, by means of which he characterizes all his work, is “dark.” Indeed, there is nothing surprising in the fact that the draft of the war will be darker than the rest of the works from Whedon. He warns in advance that his ideas and innovations on the plot will be a truly daunting, partly because he carefully compares the historical data and wants to show all untruth that period of the last century had. Of course, it cannot be anything to argue, as the development is only a movie script, but Whedon is enthusiastic and calls this work as of one of the largest and most fundamental ones in his career. In addition, he mentioned that he would also have a few projects on Catwoman and James Bond. However, we cannot say anything more specific about this: they are only plans.


The theme of World War II remains one of the most controversial of the current discussion. Many viewers are not at their most flattering for director opinion: perhaps it is not worth to climb wherever we expect. After all, for such projects there are historians, there are people who can be called experts. On the other hand, the director may create a well entertaining movie, and if the project will be taken with required seriousness, it will not resemble a farce with special effects and shall become the really powerful dramatic picture. Another important point is to remain in line with the ideological propaganda because this is very important as otherwise the film will be a story of the human person, which carries his truth, not giving a chance to other versions to exist. In general, Whedon picked up a very large and very multi tasty piece of the cake, which he may not be able to swallow, but the result will be, in any case, worthy of attention.