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Inspirational views of Jude Law in a new role are very effective: from the shining eyes till the beautiful costumes img 0

Faith magic

How versatile can Hollywood actor be? This may be a person who acts as an assistant or the main character, a man who claims to be the best actor of the year and, at the same time, transforms him or herself into an ordinary citizen in the film. Can anyone play God? Debatable: we will not have the opportunity to compare with the original version, but Jude Law has decided to get closer to the firmament. His new role is the Pope. Man, of course, who is quite normal and mortal, but only on the one side. Blockbuster (at least, it promises to become one), which is called The Young Pope is to absolutely soon be presented to the audience on the big screen.

Changing priorities

One of the most important roles of Jude was and still is the role of Dr. Watson in the film history of the famous Sherlock Holmes, where he played in a pair with another famous actor Robert Downey Jr. Now we will see Law as the Pope – a good career, do you agree? This is the story of one of the most controversial figures in the history of the reign of the legendary Vatican: Pope Pius XIII. We'll know what it's not said about in a brief biography, in the archives, and Jude will try to pass all the required emotions through the acting thanks to his talent. As for his partner in the film, everything is quite modest, although among the famous names we are pleased to call Diane Keaton. That woman will play the role of a nun, who currently resides in the territory of the aforementioned Vatican. She played a major role in the life of Pope Pius and remained true to her ideals, which she confirmed by taking vows.

The public and opinion

A gossip immediately appeared in the web about the validity of such film productions, because the results can be shocking for the public. It is not a biography of Pius, but what kind of damage it can cause for the feelings of believers! The creators abandoned this negative outlook, as they say. The fact is that the film was originally conceived as a purely biographical, so it does not claim any modern views on the current situation in the Vatican. In addition, the creators have noted an important nuance: the actor's performance, which he played as the main role in his words about his deification, etc., is only a part of the story. In other words, this movie will not cause any discontent on the part of concerned citizens, but will raise the current topic of religion and the divine essence. It may even affect the perception of the people of spiritual authority, who represents the symbols of Christianity and Catholicism. There are planned 10 parts aka series of this TV Show.