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Boy Next Door, The Album Cover

Boy Next Door, The Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Boy Next Door, The Tracklist

Boy Next Door, The album description:

The movie, trailer to which reveals the whole story completely, leaving no room for any thinking and conjecturing, not to a flight of fancy.
A story is about that quite nice-looking people can be wild owners, jealous and do terrible things even till the destruction of someone's life, just to be with this person. Such artificial tie cannot be anything good – to both participants in this unhealthy tandem, it will bring only pain, misery and suffering until the connection stops in any possible way. On the basis of this film, there can be two ways – to go to the other end of the country or to kill this person. You will learn from the film, how it all ends.
The very slow music is chosen, because there are not so much events in the film, and those that occur, fairly episodic. There is blues in the collection (As Long As You Are Mine), pop (Just Like Rain), cha-cha-cha (The Hong Kong Cha-Cha). We also have got rock (performer Dinosaur Murals) and trance (performer Phosphorescent) here.
The collection consists of nine compositions, but more you don’t have to have – they are self-sufficient and create, in a whole, very slack and relaxed mood. Songs, despite the difference in genres, quite similar to each other in the spirit, which born in the listener’s soul. Such collections are suitable for sleeping, yoga or for a very leisurely pastime, for example, on a park bench looking as the grass grow.
As for total duration, this collection is only half an hour, therefore, to listen to it from start to finish, you do not need a significant time investment, as in the case with the collection, which, for example, have 30 tracks (like the “DUFF, the” film).

January, 09th 2017


Learn more about "The Boy Next Door", an American erotic thriller film directed by Rob Cohen and written by Barbara Curry: IMDb, Wikipedia

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