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Before We Go Album Cover

“Before We Go” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

“Before We Go” Track List with Lyrics

The “Before we go” film is the directorial debut of Canadian actor Chris Evans, who became famous as "Captain America." Not big-budget, shot in just 19 days, the romantic comedy with light dialogue can be watched at one go, largely because of its musical accompaniment of 24 tracks.
"The story captures the idea of meeting somebody and then you spend the unexpected night and feeling in a really pure manner when two characters who needed an understanding of what love is" – says Chris Evans about this movie.
Two songs – "My Funny Valentine" and "I'm Too Sexy" were performed by Alice Eve, who acts the second main character.
Relaxing music, flowing through your veins, especially if you, worn the headphones at home with a warm cup of herbal tea in hands, let its soothing tones to be absorbed. Light indie pop ( Only Yesterday , Flaws ) with a mixture of funk-rap in Spanish (Traficando), with the support of stringed percussion (Sun Burns), in some corners reminds us of the disco of late 80s (Burning Blue, Restless Lover). Flowingly sad, songs cause the deepest emotions of our soul (Into The Sea, Over/Out), trigger You to recall the first love memories ( Song For Zula ) and the first success of your life ( Best Part Of Me ). Encouraging Urchin , or song, painfully alike to young Bono with his "No Good" ( The Alchemy Between Us by "oung Galaxy) or somewhat annoying and trans-lookalike So Here We Are add shades. Nostalgic Someday Sweetheart can be found in collection, which repeats the spirit of America of late 50s with its piano salon music.
There was a place for some blues (Dark Morning by Count Basie Orchestra). Giving hope country-song I Don’t or flowing with ethno-tribes Dreaming are diluted to the desired proportions with Rave On Sad Songs and Moonbeams .
One fairly good collections of different genres of tracks that can be listened in the evenings, with nostalgic reminiscing that covers you in the halo of the light mist.

November, 30th 2016


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