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American Hustle Album Cover

American Hustle

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2013

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American Hustle album description:

We’ve always said that there definitely some chemistry going on between Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper. They are appearing in several movies starring together just during several years and this definitely has to mean something bigger. Despite their official denials (actually, they all go from Bradley, not from Jen), they aren’t a couple and he even “vowed” not ever to sleep with her. We could understand him, as he was married to Jennifer Esposito – a hot chick – but now they are divorced. So, go Bradley! We all support you! Even Jen. No one would deny she is extremely talented and hot, so we would love to be on the Bradley’s place.
As for the film itself, it has become one of the hugest box office successes of the last years, collecting over 250 million dollars with USD 40 M budget. You know, it is always easy to write about things you like, like wonderful actors and great music. By the way, the soundtrack here is definitely great – it has several loud named such as The Bee Gees, Elton John and even wonderful Danny Elfman, who is fantastic songwriter and composer, working with many loud names like Tim Burton and who was great in doing music for Simpsons. These aren’t all – we have here also David Bowie, Ella Fitzgerald, and Donna Summer amongst performers.
Dirty Work song depicts what protagonists of this film do. They understand they are doing hustle to survive, but even more they are fascinated by the way they live, so ‘fighting for living’ is only a cause to stay in this dirty business longer.
There are at once two songs about moon: Blue Moon and Claire De Lune (the first one is without lyrics, as it is instrumental, as well as at least other half a dozen ones). In a contrast to it, The Coffee Song by Frank Sinatra is light swing with airy lyrics.

October, 01st 2017


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