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Aloha Soundtrack CD. Aloha Soundtrack

Aloha lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

December, 15th 2016

Aloha album description:

Fans of Hawaiian themes should love this film not only because of its name but also by the presence of a whole galaxy of authentic compositions in its soundtrack, for example, Hanohano Hanalei or Alika Song. But why to list? You just pick up this collection and poke a finger in any composition – with a probability of 90%, it will be in the Hawaiian style.
The main star of all parts of The Hangover, Bradley Cooper, acts with beautiful actor’s triplet with Rachel McAdams and Emma Stone, both good-looking girls. The presence in the film of two more big stars – Alec Baldwin, this eternal actor of the second-place roles, and co-starring Bill Murray, who does not want to retire and strongly associated with "The groundhog day" film – certainly adds sparks in our cinematic journey with length of 105 minutes. The soundtrack to it about the same length, funny and sad in the whole, because if you know Hawaiian music, except that it is funny, in a good part it is very sad, expressing regret about the conquest of Hawaiian lands by United States. Collection includes a representative sample of both parts, but somehow more of a second.
Cool story, a love story, developing on the background of the stunning Hawaiian views, with beautiful people on screen – what else is missing? Well, maybe only low-alcohol yellow-green-red cocktail with little umbrella and two straws in addition.
Generally, Aloha means both "Hello" and "Goodbye" and any other good wish. In this sunny collection there was a place for a string instrumental Midnight Mix and the beautiful trancelike ballad Vapour . Don’t fall asleep under Evening Hymns! They are contagious in its lunar mood, giving peace.
Overall, a good selection, different. Peaceful and merry. As our lives – so different and so unpredictable. However, it's good, doesn’t’ it?


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