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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

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Addicted album description:

Only seven songs in the collection. They create a relaxed tone of what is happening on the screen with their soft sounding (such as Lalah Hathaway). And that's what's happening there:
In general, successful woman with excellent family and perfectly wonderful husband suddenly becomes a little sad and meets the charming and fascinating man, whose work she produces (he is a painter). He paints her naked and then the woman starts to cheat her husband. And after she has entered into the taste even more, engaged in coitus with yet another man. In general, she destroys the entire family. At the same time, she tells about her adventures to her friend (so stupid idea), despite the fact that it is the most common mistake, which always takes place after the act of adultery.
Well, pretty standard and boring story about a woman cheating on her husband, but cannot stop and worry about it. Banal story on which the film was shot.
From genres of music in this collection we have mainly pop (e.g., Wrong Or Right), but there are also such genres as rap (Underdogs) and blues (Ease My Mind).
Ellie Goulding, once made one good product and then the quality of her work ended. There she provided vague, cacophonous song that we listen once and then completely forgot it. It is so boring and unpleasant, indeed.
The quality of the collection is above average, if you remove the song Only You from here. The rest creates a good mood, calming and tonic at the same time.
We also say that a poster with nudity is the most provocative in this film. The rest does not deserve any attention, unless you're a fan of worthless waste of your time on talentless movies.

January, 24th 2017


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