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About A Boy Soundtrack CD. About A Boy Soundtrack

About A Boy lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2002

July, 11th 2016

About A Boy album description:

Another romantic comedy with that difference that it has an interesting “glue” that holds the characters together. It is a young boy, adolescent, who became friends with protagonist. This boy is a son of a woman, in whom the main hero is in love. This boy reveals true intentions of this fellow, understanding that saying about having own kid was a deception to woo a woman on a meeting of lonely parents. He indeed did so, but only to find someone to fill-in his life. He had everything he wanted, including money, besides love.

During the film, a protagonist saves a boy from losing the social face during his performance in a school, arriving at the scene with a guitar to help him get through his bad lyrics. He manages and wins the love of a boy instead of simple affection that he had before.

The soundtrack is full of tranquil melodies, like, for example, Indie pop Something to Talk About or File Me Away by Badly Drawn boy. Actually, this performer is very versatile, despite he works only in Indie genre. He knows how to play at 14 music instruments! Among them are clavinet, flute, celesta, mellotron & banjo! What a talented guy! Maybe it was the reason why no one else except of him was invited to elaborate this soundtrack? Indeed, you will not find anyone other in this collection. That guy uses so unconventional techniques for shooting his clips like walking around with the selfie stick all the time, picturing himself (River Sea Ocean) or unfreezing duck from the deep ice (Silent Sigh) in hope that it will become alive. His lyrics aren’t deep nor sophisticated, and that is amongst reasons why he makes something resonant with hearts of many people. Though he hadn’t reached his tops of famous times yet. We even may say that a little quantity of living people know about his existence at all.

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