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127 Hours Album Cover

127 Hours

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2010

127 Hours Tracklist

127 Hours album description:

This is exciting movie about a canyoneer guy, who in his searches for free spirit was clutched by a huge rock in the middle of nowhere in Utah in 2003. This film is based on real events, revealed in the memories of Aron Ralston, who eventually left his hand in the rocky mountains. The interest to such kind of survival movies says that the public is eager to see them, as perfectly conveyed by the 2015’s Everest with Jason Clarke in the main role, directed by a man with outstanding name – Baltasar Kormákur. Everest is also based on true events, a book titled ‘Left For Dead: My Journey Home from Everest’ by B. Weathers.
Too self-confident person, too easy considering his life, gets the bones broken in the very, very tight and uncrowded place, in the desert of Utah state, USA. There is no force on Earth more powerful than a will to live. It can move rocks and James Franko in the leading part tremendously fantastic reveals this essence, the main line of the film. When a person seriously stuck somewhere, with no phone connection, very limited water stock & only a few most essential things there to help him, only an outstanding power of will to live shall make him be untrapped, freed out of this narrow place, almost becoming his natural graveyard.
The most part are instrumental compositions, having no lyrics, like R.I.P., which is a total contrast to Liberation Begins. They convey the change of mood of the protagonist, who most part of the time tries to free himself from the stone-jammer. A.R. Rahman is the known composer for such gloomy, desperate and hopeful emotional instrumental things. He had demonstrated his skills in the several other films before. But Bill Withers' Lovely Day makes the life not so uniquely bad, as the circumstances try to reveal us. Its lyrics give hope, as we all need.

August, 30th 2016

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