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Robbie Fulks Lyrics

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Album: Georgia Hard (2005) Lyrics
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  1. Where there's a road
  2. It's always raining somewhere
  3. Leave it to a loser
  4. Georgia hard
  5. I'm gonna take you home (and make you like me)
  6. Coldwater, tennessee
  7. All you can cheat
  8. Countrier than thou
  9. If they could only see me now
  10. I never did like planes
  11. Each night i try
  12. Doin' right (for all the wrong reasons)
  13. You don't want what i have
  14. Right on redd
  15. Goodbye, cruel girl
Album: Couples In Trouble (2001) Lyrics
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  1. In bristol town one bright day
  2. Anything for love
  3. Dancing on the ashes
  4. She needs you now
  5. My tormentor
  6. Real money
  7. Mad at a girl
  8. Brenda's new stepfather
  9. I've got to tell myself the truth
  10. Banks of the marianne
  11. The grip of our love
  12. Never could
Album: 13 Hillbilly Giants (2000) Lyrics
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  1. Southern comfort
  2. Cocktails
  3. I want to be mama'd
  4. By the law of my heart
  5. Family man
  6. Burn on love fire
  7. Jeannie's afraid of the dark
  8. Donna on my mind
  9. We live a long time to get old
  10. Lotta lotta women
  11. Knot hole
  12. 12 act like a married man
  13. 13 bury the bottle with me
Album: Let'S Kill Saturday Night (1998) Lyrics
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Album: South Mouth (1997) Lyrics
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Album: Country Love Songs (1996) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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Album: Robbie Fulks Live At Double Door 1/16/04, Vol. 1 & 2 Lyrics
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Album: The Very Best Of Robbie Fulks Lyrics
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