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Let's live together - Robbie Fulks


Let's live together by Robbie Fulks

The moment I saw you, I wanted to know you
I guess I fell for you right from the start
Now I want to have you always beside me
So let's live together, sweetheart.
Yeah, let's live together: these ain't the cave times
I'm not a hunter-gatherer, or a backwater Baptist
I want your lovin', I don't want babies
(alt: I want your lovin', not a long line of strangers)
So let's live together, sweetheart.
Now, not very long ago, this would be scandal
From friends and from loved ones, we'd be forced apart
But those days are over; we're free, white, and single
So let's live together, sweetheart
Now, side by side, each night, we watch the sun falling
Life's easy on a two-earner income
One day when we die, we'll be boiled in a cauldron
But right now, we're having some fun.
Yeah, let's live together! This ain't Alabama!
I'm not a dull Rotarian! You're not a Jesus moron!
I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no babies,
So let's live together, sweetheart!