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May the best man win - Robbie Fulks


May the best man win by Robbie Fulks

The wedding guests were silent as down the aisle they came
All heads turned in disbelief, and I bowed mine in shame
For even as the vows were read, he was plotting to do me wrong
Now the wedding party is over, and the love I had is gone.
So may the best man win, and may he wind up crying
May he suffer for life all her cheating and lying
I gave her my best, now I've given up trying
Another fool's rushed in, so may the best man win.
We'd been childhood sweethearts, and he would always tag along
I guess between the three of us, only one line was drawn
But now he's made that fatal step, I wish him better luck than me
From the living Hell he's walked into, even death won't set him free.