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Texas Song Lyrics

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Texas Song Lyric

Junior Brown, Sand Cheeks Lyrics
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Texas Song (Spongebob)
Whats wrong with Sandy,

Maybe its Just A Squrel thing,

Wish I was back in Texas,
The ocean's no place for a squirrel,
Wish I was in Texas,
Prettiest place in the world, oh no.
I guess deep in my heart I'll always be a Texas girl
I wanna go hommmme hooommmmmme hommme oh oh
Yoldle ay e oh, yodle ay e oh, yodle ay e oh, a lay-ee, a lay-ee.

I wanna wake up in Texas
I miss those wide open skies.
I miss my 20 acres, bar-b-ques,
And peacan pies, oh why?

When I'm so far from you, Texas, all I can do-o is cry.
I wanna go ho-oome,
Ho-oome, (a guy)I wanna go ho-ome!
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