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Ripped Pants

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Ripped Pants Song Lyrics

SpongeBob and The Losers
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Ripped Pants (Talking)

When I ripped my pants

I thought that I had everybody on my side,

'till I went and blew it,

all sky high

and now she won't even spare a passing glance

all just because I [rip] ripped my pants.

(Whole band singing)

When big Lary came 'round just to put him down

Spongebob turned into a clown

and no girl ever wants to dance

with a fool who went and [rip] ripped his pants

(Spongebob singing)

I know I shouldn't mope around,

I shouldn't curse

but the pain feels so much worse

Cause windin up with no one is a lot less fun

then a burn from the sun

or sand in your buns....

Now I learned a lesson I won't soon forget

so listen and you won't regret

be true to yourself

don't miss your chance

and you won't end up like the fool...who...ripped...his..PAAANTS



(Sandy: Spongebob! That song really is true! If y'all wanted to be my friend

all ya had to do was to be yourself)

(Larry: Spongebob that was so righteous would you.. Sign My pants?)

(Spongebob: Ya sure buddy! {rip})

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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