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Spongebob Scaredy Pants Lyrics

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Spongebob Scaredy Pants Lyric

The Ghastly Ones Lyrics
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Spongebob Scaredy Pants Mr. Krabs:
I hope you're not too scared to come to my party tonight..SPONGEBOB SCAREDY PANTS! Arghahaha!

All right, boils and ghouls, you ready?
Well....who lives near a graveyard under the sea?
Spongebob ScaredyPants!
Absorbent and yellow and spooky is he!
Spongebob ScaredyPants!
If nautical chills be something you wish...
Spongebob ScaredyPants!
Then spread your gills out and flop like a fish!
Spongebob ScaredyPants!
Spongebob ScaredyPants
Spongebob ScaredyPants
Spongebob ScaredyPants
Spongebob ScaredyPants

You're killing me SpongeBob! Haha.
...You really are...
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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