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It's A Jungle Out Here Lyrics

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It's A Jungle Out Here Lyric

The Rugrats Lyrics
Rugrats Go Wild Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2003
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It's A Jungle Out Here this place is different then our own back yard

i hope we haven't gone too far

we're somewheres new and we haven't a clue

i just saw that butterfly turn blue

this is a strange and mysterious place

with lost of yummy buggys for us to chase

we're walking and we don't know where

woo wee its a jungle out here!

this place is really neat

lots of wormmys for us to eat

lots of furry things everywhere u stare

feels like i got some in my underwears

monkeys swinging all around

i wonder if we're ever gonna get found

were having lots of fun! hey look over there


great big snake hangin from a tree

i hope that it don't eat up me

that green lizard's lookin me in the eye

i sure am glad that im not that fly

prettiful singing a song TWEET TWEET!!

i hope we don't stay here for long

we've gots a job to do and were headin out there

look sharp! its a jungle out here!

we've gots a job to do and we're headin out there!


[Thanks to susie for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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