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Lizard Love Lyrics

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Lizard Love Lyric

Aerosmith Lyrics
Rugrats Go Wild Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2003
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Lizard Love I was walkin' down the street
When someone called my name
She had spiked heels on her feet
And she was feelin' no pain

Ohhh must be Lizard Love

So I hid behind the newspaper
Turned to page six
She was in her birthday suit
Behind a crucifix

Ohhh must be Lizard Love

She was hangin' big booty
She was puss n' boots way up to here
She's a little bit of heaven, a 24-7
A 10 every day of the year

Now there must be some mistake
I'm feelin' so high strung
She said 'I make love like a snake
I even got a forked tongue'

At first I thought I was dreamin'
That I'd wake up and she'd dissappear
But when I opened up my eyes
She was laughing and a screamin' swinging from the chandlier

You know I never seem to give
Or ever get enough
And I just can't seem to live without
That sweet bodacious stuff

Ohhh must be Lizard Love
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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