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Island Princess Lyrics

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Island Princess Lyric

Cheryl Chase Lyrics
Rugrats Go Wild Soundtrack - Cartoon, 2003
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Island Princess [Angelica:]
This isnt like our park back home
with slides and pools and swings
its a creepy little island
with great big scary things
where mutant lobster crawl around
chomping on little kids
and water wings cant save you from
the slimy squishy squids

thats why you need a princess
someone beautiful
hmm like me
to save you from the scary
claws that grab you from the sea
so if you dont want to end up being
mutant lobster food
then keep your island princess
in a really happy mood

That means no blowing bubbles
that means no making smells
that means no bugging me to wear my royal shells
just do the things i tell you
like bow when i walk by
and look when i speak to you
but dont look me in the eye

Your Not Some Island Princess
Theres Not A Squishy Squid
There Are No Mutant Lobsters
That Would Ever Eat A Kid
Dont Listen To Her Stories
She Always Misbehaves
Shes Trying To Scare Your babies
Into Being Island Slaves

Why Do You Always Have To be
So Good And Nice And Cheeky
Just Face the Facts that im
this islands princess angelatiki
So if You Dont Wanna End Up
Being Mutant Lobster Food
Then Keep Your Island Princess
In A Really Happy Mood
Keep Your Island Princess In A Really Happy Mood

[Thanks to Lexiie for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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