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You Don't Know (Reprise) Lyrics


You Don't Know (Reprise) Song Lyrics

It’s been four weeks since the treatment
And my mind is still a mess
And what’s left of me remembered
Well, it’s anybody’s guess.
‘Cause my past is like the weather
It will come and it will go
I don’t know, even know
What it is that I don’t know
I’m some Christopher Columbus
Sailing out into my mind
With no map of where I’m going
Or of what I left behind
I don't know, the things I don't know.
I'm sure something's missing, I wish it would show
I don't know, you say take it slow,
And I do, although, how I do, I don't know!
Are you talking with your husband?
Well, he hasn't much to say.
Is it helping you remember?
I remember that's his way.
Does the puzzle come together piece by piece and row by row?
I don't know, I don't know where the f**king pieces go!
'Cause I don't know how this started, so I won't know when it's done.
Have you talked of your depression, your delusions, and your son?

Next To Normal Lyrics

Soundtrack for Musical, 2009
You Don't Know (Reprise) Lyrics by Alice Ripley from Next To Normal Soundtrack (2009). Rating: 4.2/5 (23 votes)