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Aftershocks Lyrics

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Aftershocks Lyric

Aaron Tveit Lyrics
Next To Normal Soundtrack - Musical, 2009
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Aftershocks GABE
They've managed to get rid of me, returned me to the grave
ECT, electric chair, we shock who we can't save
They've cleared you of my memory and many more as well
You may have wanted some of them but who can ever tell
Your brainwaves are more regular, the chemistry more pure
The headaches and the nausea will pass and you'll endure
You son is gone forever though, of that the doctor's sure
The memories will wane, the aftershocks remain
You wonder which is worse, the symptom or the cure

DAN (spoken)
Diana, honey, you've been at this for days.

DIANA (spoken)
There's something missing Dan. It's like its tugging at me. I can almost see it.

DAN (spoken)
Come to bed. If the memories and meant to come back, they will.

HENRY (spoken)
Oh, sorry Ms. Goodman. I just need to talk to Natalie about some homework.
I know it's late and she's not answering her is everything alright?

DIANA (spoken)

HENRY (spoken)

DIANA (spoken)
You remind me of someone. How old are you?

HENRY (spoken)
Seventeen. Why?

DIANA (spoken)
I don't know. Natalie's in her room.

They've managed to get rid of me. I'm gone without a trace
But sear the soul and leave scar no treatment can erase
They've cut away the cancer but forgot to fill the hole
They moved me from your memory, I'm still there in your soul
Your life goes back to normal now, or so they all believe
Your heart is in your chest again, not hanging from your sleeve
They've driven out the demons and they've earned you this reprieve
The memories are gone. The aftershocks live on
But with nothing to remember, is there nothing left to grieve?

With nothing to remember



So tomorrow's the dance
It's annoying I know
But let's go

Not a chance

Let me know you again

Not right now

Ok when? Say wait and I'll wait

It's already too late

There's no way it's too late

Hey, hey

There's no way, I'll stay by your side

Henry listen, just shut up and listen.

Why do I get denied?

You remind me of me, and how f**ked up I can be.

Ok, hey, let's start over clean slate
I'll come by here at 8
If you show
Then we'll go
If you don't, well we'll see

You just don't give up

So don't give up on me

Goodbye Henry

It's been four weeks since the treatment
And my mind is still a mess
And what's left to be remembered
Well it's anybody's guess
Cause my past is like the weather
It will come and it will go
I don't know, even know
What it is that I don't know
I'm some Christopher Columbus
Sailing out into my mind
With no map of where I'm going
Or of what I've left behind

I don't the things I don't know
I'm sure something's missing
I wish it would show
I don't know, you say take it slow
I do, but how I do, I don't know

Are you talking with your husband?

Well he hasn't much to say

Is helping you remember?

I remember that's his way

Does the puzzle come together
Piece my piece and row by row?

I don't know, I don't know
Where the f**king pieces go
Cause I don't how this started
So I won't know when it's done

Have you talked of your depression
Your delusions and your son?

DIANA (spoken)
My what?

DR. MADDEN (spoken)
I think you and your husband should talk more.

DIANA (spoken)
We should talk more? That's it?
I don't even remember marrying this man, its not like I'm not some
sexually frustrated soccer mom.

DR. MADDEN (spoken)
Interestingly, the underlying challenges are similar. I'll see you next time.

DIANA (spoken)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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