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So Cold Lyrics

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So Cold

Ox Lyrics
Mad World Soundtrack Movie, 2009
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So Cold
I'm so cold. (So cold)
I'm so cold. (So cold)
I'm so cold.
Baby, I'm so cold.

[VERSE 1:]
I tell 'em cool the conversation, what you dealing with is nationwide.
Live wire style, when he rock now your fixture fried.
Word, I ain't fix to lie. Truth what I be telling, right.
I sell that game raw, you forget to cut you're ass will die.
Yeah, that's a definite. My pimp game excellent.
It's effortless, while y'all cats vibe sounding celibate.


[VERSE 2:]
Yeah, the bottom line is y'all ain't fucking it right.
I beat it up until them fucking guts busting inside.
Cause he a what? (Soldier) See, that man a problem.
But ain't a muthafucka on this earth that can solve him.
Feel like a young prize fighter with the pen.
Punch lines like a shotgun caught you in the chin.

Listen close and listen good, you better dig.
I'm only gonna throw this shit out there one time, And you better muthafuckin right receive it.
If you can't keep up, you might want to adjust your muthafuckin tempo.
I ain't talkin too fast, you're just listenin' too muthafuckin slow.

[Thanks to Joseph for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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