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Breathe Lyric

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Mad World Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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Breathe [VERSE 1:]

Don't ever get it confused.

I'm in the game to win it, never to lose.

I breathe in the wind and then move

The whole globe with out ever losing that cool.

Yeah, yeah, he that fool.

I put it down on a track they say, “Ohhh!”

They try to hold me, but can't control me.

The boy's a boss. b**ch, I paid them dues.

Now they say true.

They up checks, cause they need that new.

I beast tracks, cause I need that food.

We both good with it, when I heat that stew.

They holla, “He that dude!”

f**k with it, you believe that, too.

The blood in me, boy. I bleed that blue.

Cuz it's too hot for the air to get to!


One time. Breathe!

Two time. Breathe!

Three time. Breathe!

Four time. Breathe!

Inhale. Breathe!

Exhale. Breathe!

Inhale. Breathe!

You gotta... Breathe!

[VERSE 2:]

Yeah. They can't get it together, man.

I'm so far to the left, but still better than

The best they got on the squad. See the letterman,

They can’t rock, just can't match the veteran.

They like, “Damn man, we never should've let him in.”

He came thru and pulled all the cheddar, man.

We on stuck and he living in it bigger than.

On blast, killing it thru the thick and thin.

Now name another man breathing who’s sicker than.

Thought so, the flow is so wicked, man.

Shapeless. He cold and so liquid, man.

Beyond soul. The dude is so gifted and

To match skill, you got to cease live again.

Cause in the livin’ there is no one that can get it in

And in the dead the numbers are still pretty slim.

And take my word for it you're not one of them.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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