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Mad World Lyric

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Mad World Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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Mad World [HOOK:]

Im a worryin' see him comin’, start runnin'! (Madworld!)

When the hunter becomes the hunted, here I'm comin’! (Madworld!)


[VERSE 1:]

I'mma kill ‘em all

If my back's to the wall.

Sooner or later we all gotta fall.

Have you ever seen a muthaf**ka rip thru a jaw

With a dirty chainsaw?


Step up and get your nose pushed.

And get your body thrown up against a rose bush.

Brains bloodied up like a rump roast,

Then shish kabob you with a lamppost.

Stab you in the head then you stagger till your dead.

Then you fall into the river, paint the river red.

Any last words before I stop your breath?

This is a death watch,

Everybody watch your death.


[VERSE 2:]

10,000 bounty on my life, run around with my knife.

World around me isn't nice.

If the price is right, you gettin' sliced and diced.

It's a grimy sight. Nighty night.

I've got a PHD in heart surgery,

Facing me will be your worst defeat.

You've heard of me? you wanna murder me?

I'm a psychopath killer on a murder spree.

Emergency!! It's an Emergency!!!

Sending muthaf**kas to infirmaries.

Burnin’ your body to the third degree.

Now you're burger meat for the birds to eat.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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