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Mad World Lyrics


Mad World Song Lyrics

Im a worryin' see him comin’, start runnin'! (Madworld!)
When the hunter becomes the hunted, here I'm comin’! (Madworld!)
[VERSE 1:]
I'mma kill ‘em all
If my back's to the wall.
Sooner or later we all gotta fall.
Have you ever seen a muthaf**ka rip thru a jaw
With a dirty chainsaw?
Step up and get your nose pushed.
And get your body thrown up against a rose bush.
Brains bloodied up like a rump roast,
Then shish kabob you with a lamppost.
Stab you in the head then you stagger till your dead.
Then you fall into the river, paint the river red.
Any last words before I stop your breath?
This is a death watch,
Everybody watch your death.
[VERSE 2:]
10,000 bounty on my life, run around with my knife.
World around me isn't nice.
If the price is right, you gettin' sliced and diced.
It's a grimy sight. Nighty night.
I've got a PHD in heart surgery,
Facing me will be your worst defeat.
You've heard of me? you wanna murder me?
I'm a psychopath killer on a murder spree.
Emergency!! It's an Emergency!!!
Sending muthaf**kas to infirmaries.
Burnin’ your body to the third degree.
Now you're burger meat for the birds to eat.

Mad World Lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2009
Mad World Lyrics by Optimus from Mad World Soundtrack (2009). Rating: 4.2/5 (24 votes)