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Let's Go! Lyrics

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Let's Go! Lyric

Ox Lyrics
Mad World Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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Let's Go! Yeah, yeah, he that beast.

Spit that fire. Kill that beat.

Pull that smoke, then breathe that heat.

DJ's gone put that on repeat.

Grind time, I hurt that street.

This is work, there ain't no sleep.

Push until your body weak.

If you don't win, then you don't eat.

Yeah my crew don't know defeat.

All we know is how to beat

The brakes off of anybody out there trying to stop the cheese.

sh*t nobody's stopping me.

These lames try to cop a plea

And I'mma put this mic thru their face for trying to mock me, B.


(Let's go!!)

Until we falling out, breaking the law.

We out of control, we down to roll.

If y'all want to get it up, then let me know

And we can put it on blast each other. (Go!!)


[VERSE 2:]

(Let's go!!)

They say they can't believe

The way the boy emcees.

I bring them in by the millions,

So now I'm elite.

And every time I speak,

Them haters rest in peace.

I re-enforce my spot

As the commander and chief.

I…I bring that fire and pain.

That motivation after death to still continue the game.

The reason that nobody else could ever sit in my lane.

The spark that turns a normal man into one insane.


This for my people on the edge-

It ain't no reason why you shouldn't be jumping off that ledge.

(Let's go!!)



(Let's go.)
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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