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It's A Mad World Lyrics

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It's A Mad World Lyric

Sick YG Lyrics
Mad World Soundtrack - Movie, 2009
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It's A Mad World [VERSE 1:]
No time to waste, I'm on a death watch.
Wipin' out the enemy is my next thought.
10K bounty, thoughts not cloudy.
Chainsaw make ya brains raw, don't doubt me.
Put your life on the line to survive.
This game of death, you must thrive.
Stay clear because the world is mine.
And the right fist backs every word in my lines.
Attack on sight - Red, Black, White.
Is all that is needed.. Delivering a beating.
Face all bleeding, you're no longer breathing.
Stop sign through your eye, life is depleting.
Call me a heathen, this mad world is feeding.
My appetite for destruction and my reason
Is to last, ya feeling my drift?
If not, you can feel your chest cavity split.

It's a mad world.
Better watch ya step.
It's a mad world.
Now take your last breath.

[VERSE 2:]

No one can be trusted, get your face busted.
The result is a fatal concussion.
Organ combustion, metal spike thrusting.
Through your back, Jack has no time for discussion.
Spike bat busting, man darts gushing.
Through your flesh, it's a mess while I'm pushing.
Your body in the trash can. Who will be the last man?
Ask me, I'll reply Jack while I'm bashing
Your head in. Homicide veteran. Psycho.
If you were me then you'd might go
Crazy. Looney. Schizo. Better yet, insane.
Now I must come and cause pain.
The price on my brain is at 10,000 dollars.
Don't let the chainsaw stop ya.
I slice through similar to a surgeon.
This is my world and I'm still here lurking.


It's a mad world.
Better watch ya step.
It's a mad world.
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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