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Amen (Reprise) Lyrics

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Amen (Reprise) Lyric

Frankenstein Cast Lyrics
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Amen (Reprise) The Creature:

I had hoped that I was wrong. But I can see that I guessed correctly. Your desire to destroy me was so strong that you
followed me all this way. Over these many months and miles. Even to your own death. Wait. Save what little strength you ave
left. There is one more thing you must do before you die.

I never asked to be reborn
brought back,
to a world of hate.
I'll finally leave this life of scorn.
And seek my peace
Before the light of Heaven's gate!


This isn't what I came to do!
You have not been my prey.
Although it's true I've followed you.
There's something I've come to say.

The Creature:

No words! No lies!
It's time to die!
We'll meet again in Hell!


I have come to you
To seek your grace,
to beg forgiveness from you
and accept the blame

Damn the man who does not give his all
to help his son to live.
I've come to give this father's...

The Creature:

What have I done?
How can this be?
How cruel the hand of fate.
To take two souls
too blind to see.
And give them sight too late?

Now close your eyes,
lay down your head.
For soon we'll rest among the dead.
Go to sleep,
hold on to me.

Let the darkness set us free.

(screams in agony)

I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, father!

Behold the sorrow born of dreams!
The demon and his god,
abandon immortality!
I'll float upon the ice
I am born to see,
here to freeze and finally die again

And while I can't absolve our deeds,
This thirst for playing god
at last will end
and so this madness dies with me
Ne'er to return

[Thanks to Dustin bell for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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