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Dear Victor Lyrics

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Dear Victor Lyric

Frankenstein Cast Lyrics
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Dear Victor Elizabeth
Dear Victor, Sweet Victor.
I pray this finds you well.
Please now that we miss you
Much more than words can tell.
Are you consumed with study?
Your thoughts a world away
From all of those who love you
And hope for word each day.
I know your passion’s fury,
The dream you must pursue!
I only ask for compromise
Please realize,
My dream begins with you!

Elizabeth it pains me to have to keep this secret from you!
I’m so ashamed that this is all my many months of work have come to!
How I long to feel your warm embrace,
And kill this failure’s poison taste!

Dear Victor, please answer
With words that reassure us!

I have no words to sooth her!

My heart clings to mem’ries
Yet longs for something more!

I have no strength to find them now!

Where is the man who held me?
Who made me feel his fire?
But does your silence prove it’s true?
I’ve lost you too!
Your only true desire!

If I could solve this mess I’d be in your loving arms forever!

Dear Victor

Here I am, alone and lost a foolish failure forever!
Have gone where no man should dare go?

What are you keeping from me?

Missing ev’ry dream I seek just beyond my reach!
What is missing, what is wrong?

Dear Victor
Without you
Our house is not a home
Dear Victor
Return to us
I miss you so
I need you so.

You must never know!


Is it possible that retched beast is capable of learning?
Have I left my greatest work and all my dreams behind me burning?
I’ve done what I must!
Back to ash and dust that which never should have lived!

[Thanks to Elizabeth for lyrics]
CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music
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